About Us

Welcome to Moberly Childcare.

Moberly Childcare Centre is the culmination of a family-based childcare journey that has been guided by the hands of the very children we once nurtured. Our facility offers comprehensive full-time and part-time care, accommodating families within our community and fostering an environment conducive to child development.

Our roots trace back to 2009 when we began as a family childcare provider. Recognizing the evolving needs of our community, we transitioned into a Multi Age Childcare Centre in 2011. After 13 years of service and due to a critical shortage of Infant Toddler spaces in 2022, we undertook the necessary transformation into a Group Infant Toddler Care facility. We proudly announce the establishment of our second infant toddler centre at the Prince Albert location.

Our program’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that every child is an equal and unique individual. We tailor our approach to fit each child’s developmental pace, creating a warm, safe, and nurturing environment that facilitates optimum social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. Our mission is to instill confidence and stimulate success, while also encouraging creativity and independence.

We entrust our children’s learning journey to our dedicated team of educators. They serve as companions rather than directors, fostering a learning environment that is visually stimulating, curiosity-provoking, and creativity-inspiring. Our ultimate goal is to allow children to freely and uniquely express their learning, knowledge, and experiences. By doing so, we aim to cultivate a generation of confident, independent, and creative individuals, ready to make their mark on the world.